Hosting live music in your bar? Then there are some things to consider

Hosting live musicAre you in the struggle of bringing more customers and revenue to your business by organizing a fun event? Hosting live music events at your bar, café, or restaurant can help you bring such results. In order to add some new look to your bar for the customers, it’s important to add live music to change your entertainment routine even if you already have a good bar playlist.

Here are a few things that you need to consider for booking a pop cover band or a small acoustic set in your bar.

Benefits of Hosting Live Music:

It’s important to understand the benefits of hosting live music before booking live entertainment for your bar or other establishments. Good live music is important to engage the customer for more time to stay at the bar and spend more on drinks and food. It is a proven fact that drink consumption increases significantly with the higher levels of music. Therefore the businesses that have engaged the creditable entertainment their drink sales have increased a lot.

What to Consider Before Booking a Band:

Finding a band and booking them might seem easy to have a successful and profitable night, while a lot of factors are needed to be considered beforehand. The band you book may drive your customers away if you didn’t plan properly. There are a few legal factors too that must be considered in this regard. You should understand them to make sure that your business is covered against any lawsuits.

Here are a few things that must be covered before hosting live music on in the bar:

1:- Having a written agreement:

A signed contract in any business arrangement is a piece of writing that shows that both parties are well aware of what they are getting out of the deal. You’ll definitely find some sort of resource with the help of a properly drafted agreement if the band fails to meet the requirements.

2:- You might have to pay the band, even if they suck:

You can’t refuse to pay even for the terrible performance of the band. And even a satisfaction clause in the contract can’t help you in this regard. You must pay the band at any cost, so be careful before hiring the band.

3:-A music license might be required:

Publishing rights of artists and record labels to musical compositions are represented by the performing rights organizations. Securing a license from one or more of the performance rights organizations might be required to avoid becoming a part of a costly lawsuit if you are looking to play recorded music in your business.

Here are a few more things that you need to ask yourself, before jumping head first into booking a band:

  • Do you have the proper lighting and sound equipment in your bar?
  • Do you have the sufficient space to accommodate a band?
  • Do you have the insurance that covers the musicians and DJs?
  • Do you have a valid music license for hosting live music?
  • Do you have sufficient budget for the band you want?

If your answer to this entire question is “Yes” then it’s the time for you to host live music in your bar.